Wake the Dream

That feeling of working hard 😓 but missing out. The feeling of the daily grind can make you feel like a slave to an outside purpose. Unfulfilled. Ready to break free? Remember to dream. Even if you can only give it 5 minutes, that dream will slowly become your new reality.

How to dream? What do you wish for? What change do you want in your life? In the world? Set your intention by giving your mind the space to consider what is important to you. Then look for ways to breathe your energy and effort into what really matters to you.

Feel free to share what you wish for here, or with friends, and write it down. The more you manifest your idea, the more strength it will gain.

Your dream is a seed! Prepare the soil, 🌱 plant the seed, and with consistent attention it will grow and bear fruit!B1465FC2-C017-4EB1-B000-153800D7354D

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